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Dance for the kids - December 7, 2009

Hi Everyone; We sure did have a great time at the dance for the kids, at the Berwick VFW. I would like to thank every one of you for coming out and supporting us in this event. It was also a pleasure working with Covert Action. They sure are a wonderful, professional group, and they sure are fun to watch. It sure was nice to see you all there, and it looks like we might just have a new group of Country Travelers. I was fortunate to have a great bunch of musician friends to help me out at the dance, and they enjoyed it so much, that we are doing some more shows coming up shortly. On sat.,Jan. 23rd. we will be at the Crossroads, in Mt. Top. Hope to see some of you there. We also have some other things in the works, and we will let you know as soon as things are finalized. We also got some decent pictures to put up on the web. As soon as we get some really good band pictures we will put them up, but for now these will do to get everybody acquainted with the group. Again, thanks for your support. Tommy

Needy kids Christmas dance - October 20, 2009

Hi everybody; I just heard from Sandra Kashner and we are playing for the dance to help financially strapped children have a great christmas. The dance is Sunday evening starting at 4pm. Covert Action will be playing from 4 til 6:00 pm and we will be playing from 7 til 9:30. It sure sounds like a fun evening and I hope to see you all there. Dance is Sunday evening, Nov. 15th. so plan ahead for a fun evening of great country music. We would also appreciate it if you would bring a christmas present for a child. It could be a toy, clothing, blanket, quilts or something that you think a needy child could use to make life a little more pleasant. Thank you in advance and God Bless You. ------ Oh, the dance will be at the Berwick V.F.W. just like last year. See you all there. Tommy

I'm Back - September 15, 2009

Hi everyone; Wow!! Every time I think I've finally got things under control something else pops up. My computer decided to take a vacation, then my phone line decided to leave town, then my security system said if everyone else is leavin town, I might as well go too. Well;;; I'm still not sure exactly what is going on, but I did manage to get back on track a little bit and am trying to get some new information up. I did manage to put some more photos of my past band members. Boy, I didn't realize we had so many different band members over the years. We sure did have a lot of fun though. If I can keep this thing up and running, I will try to get some more pictures up, and will try to catalog them into groups and hopefully date them as close as I can remember. Then I hope to get back to writing another page of my life on this road that I travel. Thanks for being so patient. God Bless all of you.

My relationship with Jesus - August 2, 2009

This story began to take shape on april 13, 1969, my oldest daughters' birthday. We had planned a small birthday party for her that afternoon, but as things usually go in my life, I was busy doing some landscaping around the house. We had a small stream running around the back of the house, and every time it would rain we would have a bigger and deeper gulley in our back yard. Well, we were in a good weather mode, and there wasn't any rain in sight, so I thought I'd better get this project done once and for all. It was a beautiful sunday and my daughter kept coming out and wanted to get the party started, but I told her I had to get this lawn raked and the grass seed sewn. Well, it kept getting later and later in the afternoon, and finally my wife came out and said we needed to get this birthday party started. She suggested taking the following day off work. Well, I was a stubborn old coot and I kept on working on the yard until I finally got the grass seed sewn. I figured I could spread the straw around the following evening, so I finally went in and got cleaned up for my daughters party. It turned out to be an evening party instead of an afternoon party. The interesting thing about this story is, If I would have listened to my wife and had taken off work the following morning, I would not have been in that terrible accident. I will always wander in the back of my mind what would have happened if I would have listened to what my wife and my daughter were trying to tell me that day. Life is what it is and we just have to learn to make the most of what we are offered. I was in a terrible accident , but what happened after that accident had a profound impact on my life, and the way I looked at life, forever. Some of my fondest memories came as a result of that accident. I may never have had the opportunity to go to Nashville, or I may never have experienced all the interesting things that developed as a result of that accident. Then again, thats the rest of the story, so I hope you will tune in again next week for another page of the Tommy Rynick story.

My relationship with Jesus - July 17, 2009

Hi; I am still trying to figure out how to best utilize this website, but I feel like I've got a bit of an idea I'd like to share with you. To start this journey, I will have to begin with how the cd, "This Road I Travel " came about. On april 14, 1969, I was on my way to work like so many mornings before, but this morning was about to change my life forever. I was driving down the road thinking about how I was going to begin my day at work, when I was approaching a wide curve in the road, and a car came around that curve, heading right at me. I had no place to go, but to lay on the brakes and hope for the best. The next thing I knew, I was being led out of my truck by a close neighbor, Herb Mowery. He got me into his car and was heading for the Berwick Hospital. Herb kept talking to me, trying to keep me alert as he was driving, and I was answering him as best as I could. I don't think he could understand a thing I was saying, as my mouth was smashed like a bag of potatoe chips. I remember Herb talking to me all the way down through Nescopeck and onto the Berwick-Nescopeck bridge. As we approached the Berwick side of the bridge, I must have passed out, as I didn't remember anything else until I woke up in the hospital and my wife and some nurses were there beside my bed trying to explain what had happened. Well, let me tell you something right now, what happened was, I was in a real bad accident. But what really happened was, as Paul Harvey would say is,"Thats the rest of the story". As the days turned into weeks, and I began to get some strength back, I began to get more and more restless. I just wanted to get out of that hospital. But, that was not going to happen. My face was all smashed in and I was wrapped up like a Mummy. I needed surgery, but I had to regain more strength before they could operate on me. So, I had to endure the countless days of sitting around in a hospital room, where all there was to do was eat and sleep, and feel miserable. Until!!! My brother in law, Terry Bennett came in one day and said, I know what you need; Your Guitar. The next day he brought me my trusty flattop and the rest of the story began. I picked up that guitar and began trying to sing a song I had never heard before. Yes, I was trying to sing, but my head was wrapped up every which way but loose, and I couldn't even talk let alone try to sing. What I did was go over and over this song in my head that I had never heard before. Now I had written a few songs before, and I had to just pick out a situation and sit down and write something about that situation until I had a song written. But this was fifferent. The words and the music just kept on coming to me. Finally, I asked a nurse for some paper and a pencil, which she brought in for me, and I just began to write down all the words that were in my head. This eventually became the first inspirational song I had ever written, "Jesus was riding in the passenger seat". This story just keeps on getting more and more interesting the longer it goes, and I still don't know for sure where its going. But, I know one thing for sure, it sure is fun, and getting to know Jesus a little better, has made my life more interesting and more fulfilling than I could ever have imagined. Thanks for stopping by, and listening to my rambling, but I am writting this story as I go along, and I hope to have another part written for next week. I hope you will come back to see where this road goes. Thanks again.

Drug companies - May 17, 2008

I want to appologize to you for the fact that I had to turn off the guestbook, because unscrupulous drug companies were taking over the entire section to get free advertising for their drugs. I am sick of seeing all the drug ads on tv, and now I cannot run my website without them trying to monopolize it. Thank you for your understanding. Hopefully in the future, I will be able to utilize it again. Thanks again, Tommy.

News from Nashville - April 29, 2008

Hi everyone; I just got a nice note from Randy Hess, remember I told you he used to play pedal steel guitar in the country travelers. Well he just sent me a link to a great website in Nashville where you can hear some of the songs from his girlfriends new cd. Randy is producing the cd and playing a lot of music on the cd. The link is Check it out and don't forget to check out another old friend of mine, Webb Kline at Check them both out. You won't be sorry. More later. Tommy

Past Band Members - April 13, 2008

Hi again; Just wanted to say thanks again for all you folks coming to see what is going on in our lives. At the moment we are busy as can be still trying to get an album done so we can get some new music on here. But the big news I'd like to share with you is about some of the guys I used to work with. Two of my really great friends are now living in or near Nashville, Tenn. Randy Hess played pedal steel guitar in my band several years ago, then went on to nashville where he eventually worked for Tom T. Hall, then for Trace Adkins, and now is on tour with Kelly Pickler, who is opening for Brad Paisley on his tour. Another really great friend of mine just recently moved to Nashville, and is doing fine in the area and has a really neat spot on the internet at http;// Kline. Check out his music for yourself. He is one of the most outstanding piano players I have ever had the chance to work with, and he plays a real mean dobro too. Check him out. See you again soon. Tommy

Hi, Wow, Thanks - April 12, 2008

I just asked some of you to let a message on the quest page, and someone did, plus, we're getting some real nice emails. Thank you so much. I know there is a lot I could do to make this place a little more cozy, so how about some ideas. I sure could use some help. And hey, we're also on itunes, where you can download just the songs you want, instead of the whole album. Remember, the profits from "this road I travel" are going to a very good cause, so please help me out. Thanks again. Tommy.

Guestbook - April 9, 2008

Hi; Thanks again for stopping by. We have just passed the 15 visits per hour, and no one is leaving any messages in the guestbook. I am asking you, please leave a short message to let us know what you think of our website. We want to know if you like it or if you don't. Please let us know so we can make the changes needed to make it more interesting. I am sorry I haven't been doing much here lately, but its been one thing after another keeping me busy other places. We have some interesting things coming up in the near future if everything goes as planned. Please hang in there with us, and you know, you can buy the cd's at cd baby. The money is going to a very worthwhile charity. Thank You. Tommy

Thanks for stopping by. - March 31, 2008

Hi fans. This has been a very bad winter for me. First, I got sick the week before christmas, then my wife got sick, then I got sick again. It seemed like we were just passing it back and forth. Finally we were starting to feel better, but then on the day before valentines day, my mom got sick with pnemonia, and we had to take her to the hospital. She was in the hospital for a week, and then in the nursing home recuperating fot another month. We just brought her home this past weekend, and we are trying to get back into a groove. I want to thank everyone of our fans for sticking by us. It sure is great to hear from you on the website. We are still hoping to get into the studio to finish up the projects we have started. I will keep you posted as things develope. I am going to try to get some of the songs on the website so you can hear what we are doing. Thanks again for hanging in there with us. I don''t think we will be doing any carnivals or fairs, as they do all their booking in the winter months. Again, we will keep you posted if anything developes. Tommy

Guitar Builder - May 11, 2007

I just posted a picture of Dave Slusser holding my new strat style guitar. Dave is a meticulous guitar craftsman, who built this fine guitar to my specs. It is a fine instrument that you will hear on my new cd's which I haven't quite finished yet. If there is anyone out there who is interested in buying a quality guitar, and not breaking the bank, this is the guy you want to see. If you want more information, just email this website. We would be glad to put you in touch.

Visits - February 10, 2007

Hi again; I just checked the traffic on the website and I am truly amazed. There are more people out there checking into this site than I could imagine. Most of you are not leaving any messages though. Please leave a message, but if you don't want the world to see what you are saying, please send me an email at I would be more than happy to hear from you and be able to answer any questions you might have. I'm also asking you, to please tell your friends and relatives about this site. If each one of you could get one person to buy the album "This Road I Travel", we could start doing something for our troubled teens and young adults. There are too many young people graduating from high school who are not prepared for the trip they are taking in the real world. I am trying to find a way to correct this problem. With your help, I know it can be done. I think this is one of the most important issues facing us to slow down or prevent crime. I will post more later. Thank You.

New Guitar - January 28, 2007

Hi everybody; I sure am excided about all the things happening this winter. I am trying to work on some new albums which are in the works, and have purchased a whole bunch of new equipment for the studio, but the thing I am most happy with is my new strat style guitar. I had been looking to buy a strat for quite some time, but I just didn't find the guitar that suited me. I had always liked the strat sound for cajun style music and have always liked the sound of Lynrd Skynrd, some of Brad Paisleys new songs and especially Vince Gill. An old friend stopped by one day and showed me some guitars that he had built, and I was immediatedly impressed. I asked him if he could build me a guitar like I wanted, and by golly I am now the proud owner of a Dave Slusser Special. What a piece of work, and what a sound. It will be on many of my new recordings coming out this summer. I will have more on Dave and his guitars soon, and some pictures to add to the photo section. Thanks for all your support. Lots of really nice comments on the site. Love you all so much, and God Bless You. Tommy

BUY CD'S LOCALLY - July 4, 2006

Cd's are now available at several local stores in the Berwick and Nescopeck areas. CARRATHERS HOAGIE SHOP, STEVE SHANNON TIRES, AND WALKERS JEWELERS, in Berwick, and HARRY KISHBAUGH'S BARBER SHOP in Nescopeck, have cd's in stock. Now you can purchase your cd while enjoying one of the best hoagies in the area. Let the guys at SHANNONS guide you through some of the best tire deals around, browse through some of the finest jewelry in the area at Walkers, or get your hair done in style by Harry Kishbaugh. These people not only have good value products, but they are also great humanitarians, so please stop in and get to know them and their products. Thank You, Tommy Rynick
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