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New album finished - March 27, 2013

Hi; This has been a really busy winter, and long, which I  understand that most everyone is getting tired of the cold and the snow, but it gave me the time I needed to finish the album, and it should be up on cd baby in a day or two. I am really excited about this album, as it contains several songs that I had intended to submit to some Nashville producers and entertainers, but just didn't have the time to make the trip. Now they are all here on one album. This album is not only a new album for me, but also a demo for anyone who might want to check out my material, so who knows. I haven't been keeping up with the news here very well lately, but that has been because  of working on the album, so now I hope to be able to keep in touch a little bit more. I haven't been performing very much either because of the album, but I am already picking up some local gigs. I hope to catch up with you fans who have been so faithful and patient with me. I was hoping to use some well known musicians on this album, but it is so hard to get everyones time line to work out that I ended up doing everything myself again. I can imagine what this album would sound like with more polished musicians, and professional producers on the job. Hope you all enjoy it. Please drop me a line. The next few weeks I will be working with radio people to get the songs out there a little more. Please wish me luck. I need all the luck I can get. Thank You. Tommy

New song and new album - March 20, 2013

OK!     I guess I jumped the gun a little bit with the news  headlines about  the valentine single. I had all the information posted, but I didn't give the guys out there in hostbaby, time to get things set up on the website. Well now the single is all set up, so now you can listen to it and hopefully you will let me know what you think of it. I know it's to late for valentines day, but I believe it is a great song for any person you really care about or even a group of people you care about. When I do personal appearances, I do it for all the people in the audience. Let me know what you think of it. It is also included in the new album, which I just finished up. I have it just about finished setting it up here on the website, so in a few days it should be available for you to see here on the site. It will also be available for sale on cd baby. Just browse That should take you right in to my site. Now that I've got the cd done I hope to have a lot more time to try and be more up to date here in the news. Thanks for your patience.

When I Look At You - February 10, 2013

Hi; I'm back again. Wow! I'm excited. I finally got something accomplished. My valentine song for my wife is on cdbaby, and the downloads are available for anyone who might be interested. I'm working on finishing the new album. Hope I can get that done shortly, then it to will be on here and on cdbaby. Let me know in my blog what you think of the new song. Hope to see you soon. Tommy

Valentine single - February 9, 2013

Hi; Wow; I finally did it. Check out the music section, the single I wrote for my wife is finally on the internet. You can check out a short clip of the song here on the music section. It should be available to purchase on CDBaby in a day or two. No hardcopy for this single, only digital downloads. Now I will get back to finishing the entire album, Old Traditions-New Horizons. The single will be included on that album. I will have it on here for you to check it out as soon as I can. Then it will be available for purchase on CDBaby, both hardcopy and digital downloads. Thank you for your patience. Tommy.

New cd coming soon. - February 6, 2013

Hi; Its been a while since I posted anything on here, but I don't get as much done as I'd like to. But I did finally finish one of the best songs that I think I've ever done. Its a valentine song I wrote for my wife and I feel very good about it. I hope all you fans like it. I was just checking out the traffic on the site and I want to thank all of you for coming here for a visit. I hope I can give you a little more reason to come by with all the good news thats going on. I am hoping to have the new new singly up and running by the weekend. Its called a valentine for my wife and its a song called "WHEN I LOOK AT YOU". It will also be available on cd baby as a singly. It will also be included on the new album I am finishing up "OLD TRADITIONS-NEW HORIZONS". Sorry I haven't been back here sooner, but like I said, things just don't go as fast as I'd like, but I really am excited about the new single and the new album. Thanks again for sticking by me and coming around every once in a while. Love you all and I'll be back soon. Tommy

South Center Community Days - June 8, 2012

Hi;;; Gonna have us a good time tomorrow starting tomorrow morning, around 11 am. til about 2:30 or 3:00 pm pickin some good ole country music down at the Hidlay Church grounds. Jack Michael gonna be there doin some of that good ole country bass pickin, Dave Reedy gonna be keepin the beat a goin. Thats gonna be some fun, haven't jammed with Dave for some time now, and Kenny Readler from the Last Chance Band is also gonna be there doin some bass swappin with Jack. To put the icing on the cake, Tommy Heffner from Williamsport will be layin on those steel guitar licks. Me, I'm gonna have me a ball and I hope you all will come down and join in the fun. Thats tomorrow morning, June 9, around 11 am, at the Hidlay Church yard. Hope to see you all there.

Some local programs - April 11, 2012

Just wanted to fill you in on some new dates I will be performing on in the near future. April 20, I will be performing at the Bloomsburg Hospital. The program will be under the charge of Diane Cassandra, who has been a wonderful friend for many years. It is always a pleasure to perform for her patients. April 21, I will be performing at Berwick Retirement Village #I. Carol Ricci is the nurse in charge of the birthday party's there and we have grown to be very good friends over the years. Also, you never know what friends or neighbors you might see there as patients recovering from an accident or illness. I always look forward to performing at the birthday partys there. I recently got a call from Alberta Crouse, of Alberta's on Market St. in Berwick, to perform and do a short presentation of my life in country music, for a dinner at the Berwick Country Club. Alberta is planning this dinner for the business and professional women's assn. This is for members only, but I am looking forward to meeting all the professional women of the area. As always, it will be fun to get back out among you folks again as spring finally comes around. We also had a wonderful turnout for the Palms up show at Bethany United Methodist Church. It was a pleasure being a part of such an exceptional event, and to also get to hear the wonderful talent who performed there. In this day and age it was purely inspirational. Thanks to Kenny Readler and his wife for inviting me to join in such a spectacular celebration. Congratulations are also in order for Kenny and his wife, as they mapped out the whole program and operated the sound for the complete program. A top notch job indeed. I am also proud to announce that I may be doing more shows this summer with Kenny and the rest of the Last Chance Band. I am currently contacting some of the local carnivals and clubs about bookings, and if any of you folks out there know of anyone who might be interested in booking some really fine country music for an occasion, please let me know. You can reach me at any time here at Hey write to me anytime, it is always a pleasure to hear from you. Tommy.

Palms Up - March 13, 2012

Hi everyone; Its good to be back again, although I still don't have all the details of the musical show coming up. The name they chose for the event is "Palms Up", due to the weekend of palms sunday. It is going to be a christian music program of some of the areas top performers. I am proud to be a part of this wonderful program, and I hope you will come and join in on the activities. It will be starting at 6pm. and will last approximately 2 hours. As I said before I will have the best backup band a person could hope for. Dave Eisenhower, Kenny Readler, Webb Kline and Scottie Fritz, four of the legendary "Last Chance Band". I will be performing at approx. 7pm, and will be doing some of the songs from my album "This Road I Travel". I still need some more information to put up here in the news, so come on back and hopefully in the next day or so I will have all the information necessary. I am also finalizing the new album I am working on and it looks like I should be able to finish it up on schedule by the end of the month. Will be back soon. Tommy. Oh, the date of the Palms up program is 6pm, March 31, saturday evening, at Bethany United Methodist Church, Summerhill ave, and pine sts., Berwick, Pa.

Country and Gospel Jamboree - March 6, 2012

Hi; I promised I'd be back more often, and I am sure trying to keep up with things as they progress. I am at the mastering stage of the new cd, so I am still hoping to have it finished by the end of the month. I was also approached about taking part in a musical program at the Bethany united methodist church on the last sat. evening of march. Some of the top names in our little corner of the world will be performing. I am looking forward to the program. For my part I will be having a dream backup band to work with, Dave Eisenhower on drums, Kenny Readler on bass, Scott Fritz on fiddle and lead guitar, and Webb Kline on piano and pedal steel. They will also be doing backup for other performers who don't have a band , and to save time. I don't have all the particulars yet, but I should know this weekend. I will put the full information on here then. Looking forward. Tommy.

simple update - March 1, 2012

Hi everyone; I'm sorry I haven't been back here to keep you abreast of everything happening, but I just can't seem to keep up with everything I need to do. My last entries I was sitting in with Smooth Country, but that just didn't work out for various reasons, mostly because they were working more and more all the time and it wasn't leaving me with the time I needed to get my own work done. I am working on a new country cd, and I am getting very close to finished with it. I am hoping to have it finished by the end of march. I wrote all the songs on the cd and it will be on the web as soon as I can get it done. I am also looking forward to doing more local appearances, just me, no band. I am working on backing tracks on my little hand held recorder, so I can have a full backup band when I go on personal appearances. It is taking considerable time to get it all done, but I can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel, so please have some patience with me. I am hoping to see all you fans very soon. I promise I will get back here more often to keep you up to date on my progress. Thanks for your patience. See you soon. Tommy.

A presentation of music and faith by Tommy Rynick - October 30, 2011

Hi; I have been getting several phone calls about the presentation I did at the Berwick Christian Church, and one of my fans suggested that I record my presentations and put them on cd and have them for sale. I would like to thank Jack Michael for such a wonderful idea, and I will be adding that project to my work list.

A presentation of faith and music at Berwick Christian Church. - October 30, 2011

Hi; I just did my first presentation of faith and music at the Berwick Christian Church, my home church, and was pleasantly surprised at the turnout and the acceptance of the audience. It was truly a new experience for me and one I will remember for a long time. I would like to thank our pastor, John Hill for the encouragement to try to do something like this. The purpose of these presentations is to get my name out there to more people and to try and sell more cd's of my album,"This road I travel". I am trying to raise money for troubled teens, and young adults, and this album is a perfect vehicle to do such a thing. I will be trying to solicit more dates at different churches throughout the area, so if any of you would like to have me do a presentation at the church you attend, please tell your pastor to contact me and I will be more than happy to come and visit with you. Thank you, and thanks again to pastor Hill, and all those who attended at the Berwick Christian Church.

New appearance dates - October 21, 2011

Wow. Spike and Clyde have been out rounding up some places to play for out fans, and boy, they sure are filling up the calendar. I am sorry I haven't been keeping you up to date better lately, I am so busy trying to keep up that I am getting further behind. Check out our calendar to keep up with us and you will see what I mean. I've still got some more work to catch up on so I will fill you in on some more details later. Thanks for keeping in touch. Tommy

Washingtonville fire hall - October 10, 2011

Hi; I joined the rest of the gang at the washingtonville fire co. social hall on friday evening, and what a turnout. This place is really roarin. This is country music at its best. Smooth Country hosts an open mike every friday night and there is some really good talent in those hills around this area. You've got to see it to believe it, so come on down and join in some friday evening, or just come on down to enjoy some real, traditional country music. We're there every friday evening. Hope to see you there. Tommy.

New pictures of SMOOTH COUNTRY - September 19, 2011

Hi Folks; Just got some pictures of myself with SMOOTH COUNTRY, and I thought you might enjoy them. We are now working up a program of songs for live shows, so if anyone might be interested in booking the group for an event in the future, give me a call at 570-379-3826 or email me at, for more information.

Wow!!! a double wammy. - September 9, 2011

We just got nailed with hurricane Irene, and now a flood. This flood is worse than Agnus was in 1972. I do think someone is trying to tell us something. I hope the folks all over start paying attention. So much for what is happening this weekend. We cannot move around very much because of flooded roads, and roads tore up frome the flood. I am taking part in a 9/11 memorial service at our church sunday morning. I will be singing God Bless the U.S.A. If anyone is in the area and would like to join us, you are always welcome at Berwick Christian Church. Service starts at 10:20 am. Next week we are planning a practice session with the band and work week, so not much happening for a couple of weeks. We will keep you informed of any new developments. Thank you.

Hilltop Inn - August 29, 2011

Hi again folks; Tomorrow evening is our last one for this month, so I hope to see some of you folks down there, outside of Danville, near Mausdale. They have a very nice menu, so have a nice dinner, and enjoy some good old fashion country music. There are also many talented musicians down in that neck of the woods, who come in and share their talents with us, so you never know what you will hear next. Hope to see some of you there.

Great week, sad ending - August 29, 2011

Hi folks; This was truly a wonderful week for me, as it sure was fun to be playing some great music with some terrific musicians, and I must say really talented singers. I also met many new fans this week which really made it a very memorable week. I am sorry to say that although we personally didn't have any damage or hardships, all up and down the eastern coastline, there is more damage than I have ever seen in my lifetime from Hurricane Irene. I pray with all my heart that people from all over that have been saved from this mess, will open up their hearts, and their pocketbooks for these people along the coast. Thank you for listening to my music, reading my humble messages, and for coming out to see our shows. Hope to see you soon.

New news, old news. - August 17, 2011

Wow; I've been so excited about filling in with "Smooth Country" that I left out some old news about what I'd been doing so far this year. Well, I told you about some health issues I'd had recently, but just when I thought I was ready to get going again my appendix blew up, literally. I would have thought if it lasted this long, it was past worrying about. That happened the first week of april, and I am just lately feeling like maybe you folks are going to have to put up with me for a while longer. I was preparing to get the distribution of the new albums out to the rest of the places I wrote to you about, well now I am planning on finishing that job. I have been trying to get some writing done, and have managed to complete some new songs, so I will be working on the new albums now too. Also, Smooth Country is hoping to get into our little studio to record an album for all the local fans, plus some of them are also doing some really fine writing, so I am looking forward to an exciting second half of 2011. Again, thanks for keeping in touch even as I haven't been able to respond back lately. It is unbelievable the amount of traffic on the web site, and I really appreciate it. I am hoping to continue making your visits here more enjoyable. Thanks again and I hope to see you soon. Tommy

Latest show dates added to calendar. - August 17, 2011

Hi again; I just updated our calendar for the rest of the month. I will be adding some pictures of the guys and gal in the band, hopefully this weekend. We are hoping to get some nice pictures down at the Herndon Legion. As time goes on I will be filling you in on a little information about the group. Hope to see you soon. Tommy

Future dates for Smooth Country - August 16, 2011

Aug. 16,7 to 10 pm. Hilltop Inn. RT 642, Mausdale, Pa. Aug. 20, 8 to 11 pm, Herndon American Legion post 504, Rt 147 south of Sunbury. Aug. 26, 6 to 9 pm. Washingtonville Fire Co. Carnival, Strawbridge Rd., Washingtonville, Pa. Aug. 27, 6 to 10 pm. Dutch Country Inn, Reedsville, Pa. Buffet and open menu. I believe we will be doing every friday in Sept. at the Washingtonville Fire Co. from 7 to 10 pm. Thank You. Tommy

Joined forces with "Smooth Country". - August 16, 2011

Hi everyone; It sure is good to be back in touch with all the fans out there, especially with some really great news. For the last couple of years I have been doing some private parties and campgrounds with Spike Stamm and Smooth Country, and recently they asked me to join the group permanently. Smooth Country is a really great bunch of musicians, and they are a great bunch of guys too. They have all been in some other great bands around the Danville to Sunbury area and have recently decided to start their own group specializing in traditional country music. I am sure you will all enjoy the music we play and you will also enjoy being in the company of some really wonderfull people. I have lots more interesting news about the band and what we have planned for the near future, but I will post another letter shortly. I am getting ready to go play with the gang as I write this, but if you go to the calendar, I have the schedule for this month posted. Thanks for your patience over the last couple of years, and thanks for being such great fans. Tommy

Hi everyone. Its good to be back. - April 10, 2011

Hi. Its been a while. Had some health issues, but I've been slowly improving, so I thought I'd better get busy. I did get some more recording done. We just released 2 more new albums, but only for the local fans. I did an album of "My Memories" which includes a nice list of songs that I grew up with, and another album of all instrumentals, which is also a list of songs that I grew up with and first learned to play. I'm quite excited about the 2 albums as they will bring back some memories to my early, local fans. They will be available in the next week or so at Carrathers Hoagies on summerhill ave. in Berwick, at Shannon Tires on west front st., Route 11 in Berwick, and at Schoolhouse Music, on Route 11 between Bloomsburg and Danville. Now I am working on 2 more albums I'd been thinking about for some time, but just didn't get around to doing. One album is already started of all new, original country songs, and the other is an album of Country Gospel, which I have also already done some work on. I am hoping to be able to have them done and released this coming fall or winter. These albums will be released on the internet so I am excited about getting some new songs written and recorded. If my health holds out and the Good Lords willing, I will be back here on a more regular basis this coming year. I do want to thank all of you for coming here for a visit and for having the patience to continue coming back when I haven't been able to write back to you. Thank You again and God Speed. Tommy

The Crossing - February 10, 2010

Hi everyone; This sure is an exciting time in my life. I told you about how much fun we had at the Crossing, in Jan., and how many old friends and fans showed up. Well, we are going back on Sat. March 6. I sure do hope to see all of our fans again, and hope the weather is as good to us as it was in Jan. This time we are starting at 9pm. and playing til 1am. A half hour earlier, for the benefit of those who have to get home earlier. Again, thanks for a great new year. Tommy

Sat. night at the crossroads - January 25, 2010

WOW!!!!! What a night. First of all I want to thank all of you fans who came to support us. I saw so many fans that I haven't seen in years, and you remembered me. Thank you so much. We sure did have us a great time. Best of all they are bringing us back next month again. WOW. We have some dates to straighten out and as soon as we get our dates to match we will let you know. Again thanks for the warm reception. I mean the hot reception. It sure was great. Hope to see you again next month.
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