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Back again - June 9, 2018

Hi folks, Not much to talk about as I've been busy outside. But I do want to thank you folks for listening to "High Upon That Mountain". I believe it is one of the most downloaded songs on my last album. Thanks again. I am hoping to release my new gospel album shortly. I am really excited about it, and it's all true. His amazing grace really does amaze me. Talk to you soon. Tommy

I'm Back 5/17/2018 - May 17, 2018

     Hi everyone,  Sorry I haven't been around for quite some time. I just haven't had the time to be on the computer very  much. I have been trying to finish my new gospel cd, and do some song writing. I have the songs done for another country album, and just about enough for a second album. Now I've got to get into the studio and try to get some music recorded. That's the part that's giving me some trouble. I've been having some health issues and I've developed some tremors. I am doing some exercises to try to reduce them, but time will only tell. I am hoping to release the new gospel album on cd baby shortly. I am hoping you fans out there like what you hear. It's titled, "His Amazing Grace, Amazes Me".















     Hi everyone, I'm finally back.

     I've been busy with too many other things, and I have had a few health issues to deal with. I've recently finished a new gospel cd, which I am hoping to put on cd baby shortly. It's titled, "His Amazing Grace, Amazes Me." I am pretty excited about finishing this album. I put my heart and soul into it. I am also working on 2 new country albums. I have finished writing the first one and am doing the finishing touches to the music. I'm hoping to get into the studio shortly to see what I can accomplish there. I promise, I will keep you informed as I go along. God Bless you folks, be back soon.





New albums - June 27, 2016

Hi everyone;  I'm back with some good news. I have finally finished writing the songs for the new Gospel album. Now I've got to get into the studio and finish up the recordings.  Like I said, it's a little rough finding the time with all the farm chores to keep up with, but I am putting aside a few hours every week to try and finish up the recordings by the end of summer.  I've already started working on the design for the album cover and liner notes. I am going to do my best to get done as soon as possible as I was hoping to put out a Christmas album this year.  I started it last year, so I have to see how much more work is left to do on that one. Well, got to go get some sleep. I will be back with some more news as soon as more develops. Thanks for keeping tabs on me.

Working on new albums - June 14, 2016

Hi everyone; Wow, time really fly's when you're having fun. Well, here I am again, and I see I haven't been keeping you folks up to date on what is going on. I have had some time to work on the new albums. They are coming along pretty good. I have enough songs written for the country album, "As I See It", but I still need to write one or two more songs for the new Gospel album,"His Amazing Grace Amazes Me". I'm usually not to good at writing in the summer time, as I'm usually to busy just trying to keep up with repairs and mowing the grass around the farm in the summer. I do try to get into the studio once in a while to record, just to try and keep my chops up and running. I've slowed up a little bit but my biggest challenge is coming up with new melodies, so they don't all sound alike. Well, I gotta go, as I said, gotta try and keep the grass mowed around here. This time I gotta go and mow the blueberry patch, then I gotta finish mowing the grove, where we have two ponds and a picnic area. Well, God Bless you folks and I hope to be back here real soon. Tommy.

New inspirational song - March 1, 2016

Back at the beginning of December, I was thinking of Christmas, and there was so  much in the news about our soldiers oversees fighting a war and I thought; What a wonderful Christmas present it would be for a soldier to come home to his wife and children. So I sat down and wrote a song about that subject. Well, today, I went into the studio and started to put the music to the song. I am pretty excited about it, It is sounding pretty good so far. I think I will include it in both of my new albums, "As I See It" and "His Amazing Grace, Amazes Me". I've been doing very well on the new albums, so far.  Shortly Norma Shirley will be coming in again to work on her new album. We haven't named it yet, but it is coming along very well. Just thought I'd let you know that I'm not just sitting on my laurels. Hope to hear from you soon. Love you all.

Gospel album - February 20, 2016

Hi Folks;  In my last news  entry, I told you I was working on a gospel album.

Well, I would like to talk about that for a little bit. I have always had a pretty close relationship with our Lord, and I would like to explain just one little reason I feel the way I do. I told you about the problems I've been having down at our rental house. Well, one of the last things I had to do was bore a hole through the cellar wall to run a pipe through from outside. Well, I bored the hole, great, then I had to thread a pipe and start it into the pipe inside the cellar. Well, I was working for the biggest part of the afternoon and I couldn't hit the threads, to get it started. It was getting late and soon would be getting dark and colder by the minute. I just sat down and told the Lord that I wasn't having very much luck, and I needed to finish this job today so the tenants could get fuel delivered for them to have heat. I told him that my sight has been getting weaker and I wasn't much good at solving anything on my own anymore, but if he would just give me my sight so I could line up the pipe, I would be so thankful and besides, I believe that anything is possible with the Lords help. Well, I went into the cellar, looked at the pipe and saw that I needed to move the pipe about 1/8 " one way, then I went outside and tried to fit the pipe into the threads in the basement. Low and behold it went right in just like it was supposed to do. Those little things are what make me a firm believer that there is someone up there watching over us. I just wanted to pass that little nugget along. With the Lord, all things are possible. God bless you until next time. Tommy

Back again - February 20, 2016

Hi Folks; I finally made it back again. I thought I would be able to keep in touch more regularly, but things always seem to foul me up. I had a bundle of problems down at a rental property I have, and it took about a month to get that all taken  care of, then I contacted the flu or something similar. There are so many different viruses around now adays. I finally feel like a human being again so here I am. I never did get the valentine album done, so it will have to wait til next year. I am currently working on a new gospel album. I don't even know how many songs I have already written for that album, but I like to have at least 12 songs on an album. Hopefully I can get 14 or 15. That gives fans a little extra for listening to my music. I really do want to thank all you loyal fans for having the patience to hear some new songs. Ever since the problems I've had last year with the internet, traffic has really slowed up, but it is showing signs of picking up again. You fans out there can be a big help by telling all your friends about my site being back up and running, and hopefully telling them what a great place it is to visit. If there is something you don't like about my site, please email me and let me know what you would like to see me change. Or even let me know how you like my site.

First Snow - January 14, 2016

Hi Folks;  Wow, Jan. 13 and we just got our first measurable snow. It sure is nice out to see everything nice and white. So far the roads around here are in good shape, so it's nice out. I don't like to see bad, slippery roads. Well, I finally got down in the studio, and wrote another song. I am now working it up to record it. I was planning on releasing a six song valentine album, and I think I may be able to finish up the album, If the creative juices keep flowing. I sure do have my work cut out for me though, I have two female artists waiting to see each of their albums finished, and I already had two new albums in the works and now three, with the valentine album, so I guess I'd better get busy. I will try to remember to get back here and keep you informed about how things are going. God Bless you and keep your best foot forward.

Beautiful weather, but not much like christmas - December 31, 2015

Hi Folks;     This weather sure is nice, compared to last year, here on the farm. With this nice weather I still haven't gotten into the studio very much. I hope you all had a very nice Christmas and I sure hope you have a wonderful new year. We had a very nice Christmas. We usually prepare a complete traditional dinner with all the fixins for our family, but this year, we went to my cousins and enjoyed dinner with several of my cousins and friends. It was nice to be able to just relax and let someone else do all the work. The good news, I am finally getting into the studio, and I have finally made a specific plan for what to do next. I already have a couple of albums on the fire, but they can be released at any time. Valentines day is the next special day to celebrate and my wife has been a special inspiration for me, so I am going to concentrate on a special valentine day album. I have already released a valentine for my wife, but I am going to stop that album, and add some more to it, and try to get it done in time to run it on "You Tube" and have it available for sale for valentines day. I have been tinkering with ways to shorten "When I Look At You", so it would be more appropriate for radio play. I have had several radio stations contact me that they would like to put it on their station. I am going to include several different versions of the song on the new album, the rest of the songs from the original Valentine for my Wife Album, plus another song or two that I wrote since last year. So, I am excited about trying to get that project done and up and running. Thanks again to all of  you who are buying the album and streaming my music.  AND, I will be back more often, to let you know how things are progressing. Happy New Year, and God Bless each and everyone of you.

Sidetracted again - December 8, 2015

Hi' I can't believe this weather. I keep thinking I will get into the studio and do some recording but with the weather so nice, I keep finding things that need to be done outside. I am really excited about getting back into the studio to record because I have some really good ideas I want to get down. I even wrote some more new songs the last two weeks. I am really disappointed that you folks are not leaving me any information on how to contact you to thank you for buying and streaming my songs. I would surely like to hear from you. Let me know how you like the new songs, the older songs and what you think I should do next. Please drop me a line and please tell your friends that I am back on line after having been off for so long. Well, it's supper time and my belly says it's time to eat. Hope to hear from you soon.

Beautiful day - November 20, 2015

Wow; What about this weather.  Well, I got sidelined again. It has been so nice in these parts that I have been working outside around the farm. Mostly I've been working on the pond. It got a big hole washed out back in the spring, and I just got around to fixing it up. I'll have to take some pictures first chance I get. Well, how is every thing going out there in your world. I want to thank all you fans that are buying and streaming my songs. I had been hoping to get so much recording done, but here it is a week away from thanksgiving. Well, I guess I'll have to side step my album for now, and concentrate on getting a Christmas album out.  I don't even know if that's a real prospect. Well, I think I will just go into the studio and have some fun and what happens,,,,,happens.  Well, God bless you folks for now and have yourselves a very nice thanksgiving.  Don't eat tooooo much. I know I will. Always do.

Beautiful day - November 20, 2015

Wow; What about this weather.  Well, I got sidelined again. It has been so nice in these parts that I have been working outside around the farm. Mostly I've been working on the pond. It got a big hole washed out back in the spring, and I just got around to fixing it up. I'll have to take some pictures first chance I get. Well, how is every thing going out there in your world. I want to thank all you fans that are buying and streaming my songs. I had been hoping to get so much recording done, but here it is a week away from thanksgiving. Well, I guess I'll have to side step my album for now, and concentrate on getting a Christmas album out.  I don't even know if that's a real prospect. Well, I think I will just go into the studio and have some fun and what happens,,,,,happens.  Well, God bless you folks for now and have yourselves a very nice thanksgiving.  Don't eat tooooo much. I know I will. Always do.

A rainy day - October 3, 2015

Hi; I hope everyone out there is having a real nice day. Today is the last day of the Bloomsburg fair, so we are not having a very good fair day. It is supposed to clear up later this afternoon, so it should be ok for the Josh Turner and Sara Evans shows. Days like today give me a change to stay indoors and get caught up on the things I need to do indoors. Today I am going to go into the studio and try to organize everything I have been working on. I have several projects I have started, but haven't been able to finish, so I need to get each one organized so I can work on them one by one. I'll try to explain.... Last winter and into the summer, I have been writing new songs and writing down ideas for new songs. I have been very fortunate in this endeavor, so now I have a list of about 30 or 40 songs that I have completed. Now I have to select the song for who is going to record them. As I told you, I am currently working with Norma Shirley and we need material for her new album. We didn't know if she would have an album of her own or if we would share an album. Well,,,,,we have solved that problem. She went through all the new songs I wrote this last couple of years and found enough material for a complete album. Now some of the songs had to be re-written to fit her profile, so I have pretty much finished that process. Now I am starting to record the songs, and sometimes, the words need to be changed to fit the music, so, etc,etc,etc.  That is where I am at this point.  Also, I am working on a new album of my own, so I am trying to get them al recorded, so I can hopefully release a new album by the end of November. AS you can see. I have my work cut out for me. I also have some other accounts sitting on the sidelines that I need to finish. One such project is a Christmas album for one client that I started last year. I am doing her an album of traditional Christmas songs, and another album of the  music on the album so she can do little shows live using the cd as her background music.  So, I think I'd better get busy, so I hope you have a very good day, and I will be back to fill you in with my busy life. Thanks for listening, and thanks for caring. Tommy

Finally back up. AGAIN - September 30, 2015

Hi folks;  It sure is good to be able to talk to you again.  My computer hasn't been working since Jan. 8. I have been having one problem after another with this thing. Some times I think we would be better off without computers, but then I wouldn't be able to chat with you folks.  Oh boy. So much has been happening that I don't know where to start.  I guess the first thing I need to do is to ask you folks for some help. I have been offline for so long that it's just like starting all over again, so I am asking you folks out there to spread the word that I am back and try to get things moving again. So please tell all your friends that I am here again and I hope to be able to keep things going this time. If everything goes as planned, I will have a new album out by the end of November, so I need your help now more than ever. I will try to fill you all in on all the activity in the next couple of days, so for now, God bless you all and please keep in touch. Thank You, Tommy

Working with Norma Shirley - June 7, 2015

Hi' It sure is good to be back online and chatting with you folks. I am just as busy as ever, with mowing lawn, planting a garden and all that good stuff, but Norma Shirley and I are back working together working on a new album, actually a new album for her and one for me, or we might decide to do one album between us. It all depends on how the creative juices flow. I've been pretty lucky this winter and wrote quite a few new songs. Now the secret is to get them onto a cd. It sure does feel good to be working on the typewriter and in the studio again after a real pain in the ___winter. Well you all have a real fine weekend. I know I will. Hope to be back with you real soon. Tommy

Finally back up and running - June 2, 2015

Hi Folks;  I suppose everyone thinks I got lost or something. Wellllllll. I have been having some real baaad computer problems, but I am hoping that part is fixed. Also, this winter was a real winger, it had me bedazzled for quite some time, and I also had some health issues I had to deal with. Some time latter I will explain them to you. But for now, ah ha. I am back and hoping to be here for a while. I have been writing some new songs, and I really got a lot accomplished in that dept. We are now going into the studio again and trying to get some of them ready for a few new cd's. I am also working with Norma Shirley some more and we are trying to get a new cd out for her, so I am keeping quite busy. Hey, the emails have been slowing down, so get those typing fingers going and drop me a line  so I know whats goin on in your world. Love you all and hope to hear from you real soon. Tommy

Merry Christmas - December 14, 2014

Hi everyone.  Just wanted to let everyone know that I am back online. I have been having some severe computer problems, but I hope they are fixed. I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and thank you all for hanging in there with me through this last several months. Thanks also to all of you that purchased my cd's and listened to the songs online, I hope you enjoyed them and if you didn't let me know. I sure love to hear from the fans. I have a lot of things going on, and I'm busy with the holidays coming up, but after the new year I  will fill you in on whats happening in my music world. Thanks again for your support.

Time - April 27, 2014

Hi folks;  I just had to drop you a line about TIME. I have so many ideas I want to work on, but it seems to take forever to get to actually working on them. I guess my mind works faster than my body can go. Any way, I am trying to get things done in the studio, but it takes time to get everyone lined up on the same page. So, when I can't get into the studio, I sit and dobble on some new songs, and now I am getting more songs, and not enough time in the studio. I just counted the list and I have about 25 songs started. I know that in all probability, I will never actually write all of them but at least, I have broken through a barrier I had a few months ago. I couldn't think of anything to write about. All of a sudden I'm thinking of all kinds of things. As a matter of fact, I just thought of another song. My Boogie Grass Band. Back when we were touring a lot, people would ask me what kind of music I played, and I would tell them I love country, I love bluegrass, and I love boogie. Well I guess I sort of combined all three of them together and came up with boogie grass music. I played that stuff throughout my traveling career, and I still love it today, so I think I will write about my experiences and the guys I traveled with, that Boogie Grass Band. See you soon. Tommy
















New songs, New Projects - April 22, 2014

Hi folks;  I promised I would try to stay in touch more, so here I am. I mentioned that I was working on some things with Norma Shirley, I haven't worked with her for years. Well, I wrote a few songs that she is going to record, and I am working on some more in the hopes of having a new album out with her this fall or winter. We are also working up some of the songs we used to do on the road, and recording them for the background music on local tours. We are hoping to perform around northeastern Pa. again this summer. We are going to perform as a duo and use the recorded background music from the studio for the shows. I am doing all the music myself, as usual, and trying to get the  music as close as possible to the way we performed when we were performing with a full band, and with the energy we used to do  back then. I recorded a few of the songs on my last album again to try to capture the way I actually wrote the songs, instead of the way Nashville wanted me to do them. By the way, how many of you have heard my last album, Old Traditions and New Horizons? I have had some real nice response to the album, but I would sure like to hear from more of you. We are also working out a single version of  the song I wrote for my wife. I am trying to shorten it a little, without losing any of the lyric content. I think you will enjoy it. We are hoping to release that for next valentine's day. Well, I hope you had a very nice Easter and God Bless each and every one of you. Tommy.

Happy Easter - April 19, 2014

Hi everyone; Not much happening these last couple of days in the music dept. Spending time with family and trying to get everything done for Easter. We always prepare a traditional holiday meal and make sure there is enough for any family members who might show up some time of the day. I sure do hope all of you out there have a wonderful Easter, and always remember, Jesus is the reason for the season. God Bless each and everyone of you and thank you for visiting and leaving your opinions. Tommy

Working with Norma Shirley - April 18, 2014

Hi folks;  I'm really excited about some of the things that have happened over the winter. It was a bad winter, cold, and I thought it would never end. It wasn't all bad though, because I've been working with a girl I haven't worked with since way back when I started my own band. She has been a real inspiration for me to start writing again, and over the winter I had the time to write some new stuff and get some things worked out in the studio. Oh, Norma's son Jimmy got me into using a computer and sonar to write and record on. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but it is terrific for writing and working out songs. This sonar is really a good working machine for a songwriter. We hope to have a few songs up and running in the next month or so. I wrote a new song for Norma and I hope to have a few more pretty soon. I also wrote a song for my buddy, who just celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary. I am really excited about getting that one finished. While I was working on 50 years ago, I got the idea of writing a crazy version of living with the same person for 50 years, I think they call it a parody. I just finished writing that so in the next few weeks, we should have those three songs finished, and Norme is also working on Mirror, Mirror, a song I wrote when I first went to Nashville. Things should really be exciting the next couple of months. I promise I will keep you informed about what is happening. See you soon. Tommy

The direction of country music today - April 12, 2014

Hi;  I promised I would try to keep up with people more often. Well, I've been thinking about this song writing business, and what kind of music people want to hear today. I have been writing my music like we did way back when, and thats the kind of country music I personally enjoy writing and playing, but maybe you folks like the new trend in country music better. I am currently working on several new projects and I'm having a problem making up my mind, how to record and mix them. I am seriously thinking of releasing some of them both ways, modern country and traditional country. What I really would like is for you fans to email me about this subject and let me know first hand what kind of music you prefer. From the feedback I've already received country music has been moving away from the traditional sound for the last few years, but I've seen some dramatic changes taking place this year. How many of you watch the "Voice" on TV? Last year I quit watching it because I thought it stunk. This year I checked in to see what they were putting out, and its back to more traditional sounds. I also saw on the CMA Country music awards, they are getting back to a more traditional sound. Can you imagine, George Strait even won entertainer of the year. I thought well maybe they are making a statement, but I sure would like your opinion. Please write and let me know your opinions. It really is important to me. God Bless You. Tommy

Time to get on the ball - April 10, 2014

Hi folks;  I guess its time to get on the ball and let you folks know whats going on.  I havn't been keeping in touch very much because I've really been busy in the studio.


















Hi folks; I guess its time to get on the ball. I havn't been keeping in touch with you very well lately because I've really been busy in the studio, and planning how and what we are going to be doing this summer.  Well, I am still very busy in the studio, and still really busy with a project I am working on with a gal that used to sing with me. Her name is Norma Shirley, and we have some really exciting things going on that I think you folks will enjoy once we get things organized and finished. I wrote a song for my last album called "When I Look At You", that I am really working on to refine it and release as a single, and we are also working on it as a duet with Norma Shirley. I am also writing some new songs to release as an album, along with some of the songs I had recorded over the years, to release as an album for miss Norma Shirley. I will truly make an effort to keep you more informed as we progress with the projects we are working on. I am going to make a concerted effort to enter the latest news every 2 or 3 days. Thank you for your patience with me over the years, and God Bless each and every one of you.  Tommy





carnival dates - July 3, 2013

Hi;  I'm back. You know, spring is my favorite time of the year, but, I just can't keep up with all the things that have to be done. I think I bit off more than I can chew in my old age. When I retired I knew I would have to do something to help with the rising cost of living these days, so I decided to raise early tomatoes on the side hill sloping south on the front of our house, how hard could that be. I would have the early tomatoes, then when everyone else had them, I could quit. Then I decided to put an acre of blueberries in, on a vacant field on the farm. They are practically maintanence free. Well, I got a big surprise. I don't like chemical farming so I thought I could handle the weed and grass chores by hand. Well, between the tomatoes, the blueberries, trying to write new songs, producing and recording new cd's, and all the regular chores of owning property, I'm swamped.  I thought I would have time to book a few carnivals this summer, and I did manage to book the Nescopeck Twp. Vol. fire co. carnival on thursday, July 18, and the Nescopeck Community Days carnival on thursday, Aug, 15. Soooo   I hope to see some of you there. I don't have the time to keep a band busy anymore, so I make background tracks on a cd then put them on my little hand held recorder, then I sing, play the guitar, keyboard, and some fiddle along with the recorder.  Its been working out pretty good as I do that for the local retirement homes, and they seem to really enjoy it. Hope to see you there.

April Fool - April 1, 2013

Well, how about that, the day has finally come. My new album, Old Traditions-New Horizons, is being released today. I can assure you this is not an april fool joke, you can now go to, and see all my albums, plus the new one and hopefully purchase the complete album, or if you just want a certain song on the album, you can download an mp3 of the song right from the cd baby  site. I sure do hope you folks enjoy it, and please send  me an email or just write on my blog, to let me know what you think of it. As always, God bless you and hope to hear from you soon. Tommy.

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