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Love Is Here To Stay

March 20, 2013
Thomas William Roinick

After living all alone for eight years, we both had quite an experience learning to live with someone else, and learning we both had our own set of rules, but it turned out to be quite easy, and so far its been a really wonderful experience. To date, this is the last song that I have written directly from my own experiences, but I'm sure it won't be the last. With the feelings we both have for each other, and the Lord as our guide, this world we live in has turned into a really wonderful place to be.

LOVE IS HERE TO STAY     I used to sit here by my window, waiting for a simple sign. How to live here all alone, I've no one to say is miine. Then one day out of nowhere, you came into my life. Now my heart is filled with laughter, since you became my wife.     Life is great when you have someone, to share the good times and the bad,   you lift me up from where I've been, and the memories I had.   It's something to get used to, knowing you love only me.   Now we'll both work together, learn to live in harmony.     Now I know that life's not easy, we'll have our ups and downs,    as long as we both work together, we'll have no need to wear a frown.    If we both pick up the pieces, that we dropped along the way, we can live our lives together knowing love is here to stay.   Musical turn around.   Now I don't sit here by my window, looking for a simple sign.  I don't live here all alone now, I have you to say you're mine.    Remember out of nowhere, when you finally came my way, you changed my life forever, knowing love is here to stay.    Yes you changed my life forever, knowing love is here to stay.