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There You Go Again

March 20, 2013
Thomas William Roinick

This is the first of several songs I wrote, that were inspired by my wife. I am constantly reminded how wonderful she is, and what an important part she plays in my life. So, really, this song is self explanatory.

THERE YOU GO AGAIN   There you go again, taking my breath away. With that gleam in your eye each time you look my way. There---goes---my heart and then, it skips a beat again. You stop my whole world, when I pause to recall, how we fell in love back then.....I can't find the words, to call you and say how much you  mean to me. You light up my life, just being my wife, our love was meant to be. There's no way to describe, the joy and the pride felt in my heart for you. So I wrote this song, when you came along, and showed me that love can be true. Repeat Chorus. Musical turn around.   You brought me peace of mind, when you helped me find, this little world of mine. You made them come true, my plans for you, in this dream of mine. Now we can enjoy, in our special way, this peaceful world that we share. And I think that we, for the whole world to see, are a perfect, caring, sweet , loving pair. Repeat Chorus.