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Victim of the Past

March 20, 2013
Thomas William Roinick

This is another song I had been working on for several years, but I guess I had to wait for just the right circumstances, for me to get all the ingredients together to make it all work out. So here is a good example of a song I started from watching other people out on the dance floor, and finally putting a few touches from my own life, and putting it all together. I really believe this could be a hit song in the hands of a good producer and studio musicians in Nashville. And don't forget the engineer. There are so many things that go into the making of a hit song. It sure is fun though.

VICTIM OF THE PAST   I saw that look of caution, as you walked into the room. That handsome stranger saw you, as a flower in full bloom. That smile that you gave him, I saw it did not last, and just like me, you seem to be, a victim of the past. I can't describe the feelings, racing through my heart. A chance I see for you and me to make a brand new start. I've waited for so long now, the time has come at last. To break these chains, holding you and me, two victims of the past.  Musical turn around.  Two hearts, one dream, the only scheme, time for wounds to mend. That twinkle in your eye tells me, I'm more than just a friend. So take a chance, lets have this dance, time is rolling fast. It's lonely out there being just a victim of the past. These feelings that I have for you, keep racing through my heart. If I lose this chance with you, my world would fall apart. This time I cannot walk away, this time it just might last, and we'll no longer have to be, two victims of the past. Two hearts, one dream, the only scheme, for these victims of the past.