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I Wish She Still Loved Me

March 20, 2013
Thomas William Roinick

Well this is one of those songs I picked up while on the road playing and ran into this lonely guy sittin all alone in the dance hall, and all he had to say was, I wish she still loved me. Well, like I said, when I'd get home and be walkin around the ponds down at our grove, I would try to put myself in his situation and start writing.

I WISH SHE STILL LOVED ME  I've been a lot of places in my travels. I've played a lot of music in my time. But I've got some lonely feelins to unravel, and I wish I had a woman that was mine. I once had a  woman really love me, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. We had words---She left--- She wanted to be free, Now I look back and wish she still loved me. Instrumental Interlude.  This house of mine is full of memories, and those memories are driving me insane. It hurts to know why she went to all those parties, and it hurts to know that I'm the one to blame.  That woman, the one who really loved me, got tired of waiting round for me to see. How we left---our lives--- get lost cause she was lonely. Now I see, I wish she still loved me. I must confess, I wish she still loved me.