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Hello Heartache

March 20, 2013
Thomas William Roinick

This is the first song I ever wrote. I later had the chance to record this song and 3 other songs I wrote, in Nashville, thanks to Ernie Ashworth. Since then I have written many more songs, mostly inspired by people I see or things I hear them saying while we are performing. I think every couple on the dance floor has their own story to tell, and I just imagine what they are thinking or talking about. Or maybe I see someone sitting all alone and I let my imagination run wild about what that person is going through. Thats where the idea for this song came from, and then one day I was walking along the railroad tracks that went by our house, and the words and music came to me.

How many tears have fallen, since you told me goodbye, Each night I cry, and wonder why. Is there a chance that I might get over you, I wonder cause your memory keeps making me blue. Hello heartache, hello tear, no more happy hours, no more cheers. All those dreams that I had for you and me, just fell to pieces, since you walked out on me. Turn around. I never thought you'd hurt me so, and leave me to cry, now its to late, you said goodbye. If you could forgive me dear and try just once more, I know that I could change dear, I wouldn't hurt you anymore. Repeat chorus.