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Hi; I'm Tommy Rynick, welcome to my website. I was born and raised on a small farm in rural Nescopeck, in northeastern Pa. There was always music of some kind at our home, so I guess it was natural for me to start playing at a young age. I taught myself to play YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE and several other simple tunes on the piano when I was 5 years old. I was constantly playing at the piano. So when I was 9, my folks arranged for me to take music lessons. Dad asked me what I wanted to play, which was a big decision for me back then, because I loved the piano, but it was almost impossible to carry around with you. I also liked the guitar, but it seemed to me, it would be easier to learn music on piano keys, so I ended up with an accordion, which I could carry with me.

By the time I was 12, I was entertaining at local church socials, carnivals, and weddings. At 14, I joined Monroe Hock and the Rainbow Ramblers, one of the most popular bands in northeastern Pa. I was with that group for 10 years until circumstances led to me forming a band of my own. At the age of 22, I wrote my first of many songs, and my band The Fabulous Country Travelers were becoming quite popular, but early one morning on my way to work, a car came around a corner and hit me head on. Fortunately, a neighbor was traveling a short distance behind me, and took me immediately to the hospital. Doctors later told me I would not have made it if I would have waited for an ambulance. While I was in the hospital, I wrote my first gospel/inspirational song, Jesus Was Riding in the Passenger Seat.

I was laid up for the better part of a year, but while recuperating at home, many of my friends, suggested I go to Nashville to see what the big record and publishing companies thought of my songs. I had some success with that trip but my biggest success came to me right here at home. A friend and neighbor, Harry Kishbaugh, began to run country shows featuring some of the big name acts from the wheeling jamboree, and the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. He hired me and my group to open up for the big stars, and sometimes even play backup for the stars themselves. One of those stars, Ernie Ashworth of Talk Back Tremblin' Lips fame was really impressed with my playing and wanted me to go on the road with him. I turned him down because I had a good band here at home, and a wife and two children. I didn't want to be away from them for months at a time. Ernie wasn't one to give up easily, so he contacted Harry, and together they arranged a recording session for me in Nashville. I recorded my first two singles there on the Harford label, and things were really going great when my father took sick and passed away. Things slowed down for a while, as I had to help mom get settled, and we moved onto the family farm.

Things finally settled down a little and I got another chance to record in Nashville, this time on a major label, Caprice Records. Things were really starting to look good, but again I had to turn down a chance to go on the road, this time to open for Charlie Pride on his road show. That was another downer but life goes on and one day I was driving a load of tomatoes to the cannery from the farm, when another tractor trailer truck lost their brakes coming down a hill and rammed me from behind. This time I was left with a severely injured back, and doctors feared I would end up in a wheel chair. That was the end of my career, or so it seemed at the time, so I took a job at a local Auto Repair Shop for the next several years. I learned to do exercises, from a friend who was a chiropractor, and as time went on, my back was getting stronger. But working on cement floors and the twisting and leaning over cars, was taking its toll again.

Friends and fans began to talk me into going back into music, so I decided to start playing again, but this time at hospitals and nursing facilities. During this time in my life, I had the chance to see where my life had been, how it was changing, and where I thought it should go. So I decided to record again, but this time my next album had to be a Gospel or inspirational album. I really felt good. My back was getting stronger, my health really improved, and I realized that I really had a very good life despite the problems I had in the past. I eventually gave up working at the auto shop and concentrated on writing and recording. That is how this album come about. Many times in those troubled years I had cussed the Lord for saving me from a car accident, only to let me live a life of pain and misery. I guess I had to see all the misery, before I could really appreciate the good things I had in this life.

Now I realize that I have been truly blessed, with the gift of music, and becoming more involved and closer to our Lord. I strongly feel that he gave me the words to these songs in this album, and he gave me the gift of being able to make this album completely on my own. I wrote the songs, arranged the songs, played all the instruments on the album, sang all the parts, and recorded everything in my tiny little studio. I feel the Lord was instrumental in getting this album to this place, as I never heard of these people that helped to get my music here until the project was nearly completed, then all the pieces fell into place. Now all I can do is hope that you folks out there enjoy my little story and my album and tell all you friends to buy it to help make me rich. Actually, I am dedicating this album to my Lord and Savior, and all proceeds will be used to set up a foundation for troubled children. There will be more about this elsewhere on the website.

Thank you for reading my life's story and feel free to browse through my site. Because I am new to all this there is not a lot there yet but I will be adding new stuff as fast as I can get it together. Thanks again for stopping by and don't forget to make a trip to CD Baby to buy the album. This Road I Travel.