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Hi; Welcome to THIS ROAD I TRAVEL, the web page of TOMMY RYNICK and the FABULOUS COUNTRY TRAVELERS. If you like country and country gospel music, like Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash or Waylon Jennings style, then I think you will enjoy this site. Many people have compared my style of singing with the likes of Marty Robbins and Leroy Van Dyke, so if you like Gospel music with a great message, and real country music, with fiddles and steel guitar, I think you will enjoy this site. We are setting up this site to promote the new album, THIS ROAD I TRAVEL by TOMMY RYNICK, for which all proceeds are going into a foundation for troubled children. So come on in and make yourself comfortable and find out what we are all about. And please, while your here, sign in and leave us your email address, and pleeeease leave your comments. We want to make this place as interesting and comfortable as possible. Thanks again for coming.

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